Dad Paid For A Stranger’s Birthday Cake On His Late Daughter’s Birthday

In these times of selfishness and greed there are very less people who pay for someone else, particularly a stranger. This woman who went to bakery to pick up an exorbitant Peppa Pig cake for her niece’s birthday was shocked to learn that a stranger had already paid for the fancy cake. This random act of kindness was not normal for this woman.

Leah O’Brien, was shocked and couldn’t believe her senses when the bakery’s staff informed her that the extravagant Peppa Pig cake that she had ordered for her niece was paid in full by a stranger. When she learned about the whole story about the man she was taken aback and felt sad for him and his family.

The stranger who paid for the fancy cake had lost his daughter when she was only 8 days old and had stopped by the bakery to buy a cake for someone who was celebrating her birthday on that day because he never had the chance to buy one for his own daughter. This kind gesture of the man brought a tear in everyone’s eyes who heard this story.

This afternoon me and my sister went to the Windsor Bakery in Banbridge to lift my nieces 1st birthday cake which can I…

Posted by Léá Ní Bhríaín on Monday, September 9, 2019

The man left a note with the cake which read:
Dear Birthday Girl. In honor of what would have been my little girl’s 1st birthday, I have chosen to pay for your birthday cake. I am unable to buy my daughter a cake of her own today, but I hope you enjoy this one and have a fantastic birthday. God bless. -Hannah’s daddy.

Leah O’Brien, posted the whole story on Facebook thanking the stranger for his kind gesture and also to make an effort to find this stranger. The BBC did find the stranger eventually. When enquired he told BBC he just wanted to ‘share a bit of good’ to honor his daughter’s memory. He said, “I did it for Hannah.”

He was also featured on “This morning with phillip & holly”. With this random ‘slice’ of birthday kindness this man has restored our faith in humanity all over again. We hope there are more people like him and wherever Hannah is she is in a happy place.