Dad Plots A Revenge For His Daughter Who Went Out For The Weekend Without Informing

Parenting is a full-time job as you all might have heard. Parents have to manage a lot and dealing with the kids’ tantrums is just one of them. Now, if the kids have reached their teenage, the work just multiplies and the tactics need to be “upgraded”. What this dad did to teach his daughter a lesson after she left town for the weekend without informing is worth a read!

The kids might think that they are smart but their parents are always one step ahead of them. As much as the teenagers think they are smart and can fool their parents, it doesn’t take long for them to connect the dots. They can track you down in a moment and they don’t need technology for that!

We all can agree that the concern shown by them is pure and they worry because they care about their children. Sometimes, they might be a little too extra with their “concern” but we think this dad’s revenge for his teenage daughter is unbeatable.

What most parents would do when their kid refuses to pay heed to them and be stubborn? The kid might be locked in the room or have to wash the dishes every day until they learn a lesson. But these punishments sound too old and cliché. So, here’s the unconventional way of getting the teenager under control.

This girl’s dad turned to the internet for genius revenge as his daughter left her town for one weekend. No, she didn’t mention anything about her “adventure” to her parents before heading for it. That’s when the dad got angry but knew that he had to smartly handle the situation.

This man was not letting his daughter get away with this lie. He went on Craigslist and uploaded an advertisement to sell her 17-year-old daughter’s car. He wrote, “The worst dad in the entirety of the United States of America is selling a 2004 Honda Civic Coupe.”


This man plotted a brilliant revenge plan and the execution could not have been better. He wrote in the ad, “I have been totally unfair in giving my 17-year-old a good running car that gets great mileage. It’s completely unreasonable for her to pay for the regular maintenance that has been performed on the car since purchase.”

He added, “Totally not okay for her to have a touchscreen stereo with a DVD player, Pandora radio, and Bluetooth capabilities.” He mentioned all the necessary details about the car in a witty manner. He went on to write, “Hopefully your child can be home at a reasonable hour and not disappear for the weekend without telling you where they are.”

Parents can take a few hints from him or maybe just stick to the conventional way of teaching their teenage children a lesson. It’s hard to pick a side!