Dad Rented Billboard To Thank The Hospital Team For Son’s Treatment

A man named Dan Driscoll got a big billboard put up to express his gratitude to the hospital staff that looked after his son- Daniel Driscoll. Daniel was suffering from a bone infection. But with the efforts and care of the team, he recovered quickly.

Gratitude is the most beautiful and soothing expression of emotions. It adds charm to the human relations. Taking up a similar note, the Driscoll family took up a unique way to express their gratitude to the hospital team.

A three-year-old boy named Daniel Driscoll was toiling hard to fight off a virulent bone infection. His family members were holding their breaths and sending prayers to heaven. Finally, Daniel got admitted to Brenner Children’s Hospital. The hospital staff served the little patient with the best of the kinds of service and care. This gave a ray of hope to the family.

After spending seven days under observation of the doctors at hospital, Daniel came out of the vicious circle of the infection. The doctors who were observing him declared him fit enough to go back to his home. That was a miracle for the family. The little nugget happily returned back to his house with his family.

The Driscoll family was very grateful to the hospital staff. They wanted to express their gratitude in the best possible way. So Dan dug out the options for that purpose. Then a moment hit upon his mind when he and his son used to sit in the hospital window to see helicopters. In that scene, there was a big billboard too. Dan wanted the world to know the greatness of the staff. So the billboard seemed perfect to serve his purpose.

Posted by Brenner Children's on Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Then he moved ahead to book the big board to place his thank you card. The company that leased out the space worked in accordance to the instruction of the family. And after a few days, a big card got there on the board through which the family thanked the staff that attended Daniel. The staff felt out of the world to have a glimpse of the board. They were overwhelmed to see the gesture of gratitude of the family.

Wendy Brown- one of the nurses who attended Daniel shared that it was just spectacular and unique on the part of the family. According to her, that was a cool way to say thank you. All of them (the staff members) appreciated that gesture. She also brought out the fact that sometimes it could be a thankless job as many patients forgot their efforts and did not turn around to acknowledge their care after moving out of the hospital.

Also as a result of the great care of the staff, Dan reported that Daniel was making good progress even after going back home. He was happy and attributed it as the testament to the quality of care his son got in the hospital.