Dad Told Bratty Daughter Her Behavior Is The Reason She Has No Friends

Handling kids is surely a huge responsibility. One dad didn’t want to keep her bratty daughter in a bubble anymore. He came out clean with his daughter by telling her that the reason she had no more friends is her. Her rude behavior is what had landed her with no friends.

The dad asked the netizens whether his confronting his daughter was right or not. The dad posted in a group where one posts to know whether they were right to do something or not. In the post, the dad said that his daughter was sassy and rude. He further said that he failed to understand from where his daughter got such behavior. He said that he and his wife were always nice to each other and their daughter.

He mentioned that his daughter only had two friends who were sisters living near their house. The group could always be seen having a fight and the reason behind was her daughter being rude. He said that whenever her friends had to leave, his daughter started being rude and called them by names. In order to make good again, the father had to apologize to the kids and their parents. The friends’ parents were friends of the family and this is why the dad went to great lengths.

One day the situation became so severe that ‘the friends’ told his daughter that they were not going to be friends with her anymore. This time his daughter called her “two” friends names and included their family as well. He said, this time his daughter returned home in tears and said that she had no idea why they didn’t want to be friends with her anymore.

He asked the friends’ father about the incident. Their father told what his daughter said and immediately, her father apologized and never heard from them ever since.

AITA for essentially telling my kid that she is the sole reason why she has no friends? from AmItheAsshole

The dad felt that he had dealt enough with his daughter playing the victim and now it was time for her to know the truth.He wrote, “so I informed her that the reason she has no friends is because she cannot control her irrational behavior when someone does something she doesn’t like.”“That she needs to think before she gets mad and starts hurling insults at people she should care about.” His daughter did not take the confrontation well and went crying to her room. To make things dramatic, she slammed her room’s door as well.

His wife said that the confrontation was harsh but he felt that it was about time his daughter came out of the bubble. He said, “I refuse to hold her hand and be the one who mends her friendships anymore. If she doesn’t want to have friends, I’m not going to force it.” He mentioned in the post that her daughter had been seeing a therapist for a year. The therapist said that his daughter was fine and it was just her normal female hormones.

Most of the netizens said that he should change her therapist and that he needed to change his tactics. Kids can surely be irrational but there is a way to deal with them. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to burst the bubble and let the kids face the reality. The dad here according to us did the right thing but he should change his daughter’s therapist.