Dad Turned Influencer To Prove A Point To Daughter Is Actually A Campaign

Who said that you will get an advertisement only after being an influencer? It is opposite in the case of a dad who became influencer only for his daughter and in the end, we came to realize that it was part of the publicity of a coffee house.

366,000 people started following him in barely a month. He was famous and everyone was quite interested in his profile. But many good things have their faces and everything successful has a story behind. Though he was the face of the profile the real handler was a totally different person.

It came into news that a person named Mike McKim was running the account. Mark is the owner of the coffee shop, Cuvee Coffee in Austin, Texas and the account of Omar was a way of promoting his shop.

Mark wanted a new face for the promotion of his brand. He wanted a face from which people could connect. Someone who looks like them talks like them and do hard work like them. Someone who doesn’t personify a high profile life but someone who is more like them living a normal life.

After a month discussing with his team, Mark came up with this idea of promotion. He collaborated with an agency named, Bandolier Media to create Omar’s profile. The full name of Omar is still not known but he is a construction worker which is quite clear from the pictures.

Maybe it was the fake tweet that states the reason behind Omar’s motive of being an influencer. Or the face from which people could connect easily. Or the hard work of Mark’s team. Or the work of the meme industry. Maybe it was all which helps in making this profile and advertisement stunt a success.

Many people think that it was an attempt by a construction worker to became to become famous but a closer look will make you see the real face of the profile which is a promotion of Cuvee Coffee.

How many people go to a coffee shop like Cuvee Coffee, order varieties of coffee and post about them on social media? None or very few. They started a new trend. Omar’s profile tagged Cuvee Coffee in almost every post.

Omar showed that among many things he is in love with Coffee and showed it in a way that people started agreeing that that being in love with coffee is a nature that every human being should possess. It was not about the Coffee it was about the trend to follow.

Omar was compensated for his face because as it is said that the things which are able to show itself are the things which are able to sell itself. Omar was the face of the profile thus he was the center of the publicity. But his humbleness is remarkable. And why not? This is the nature people appreciated the most.

Mark came up with this idea when construction workers started coming to his shop after the construction started nearby and he thought of an idea. It was the winning situation for both. We can say it was the best use of the internet. The best way to have an awesome life- make the internet dumb. Play smart with the things who have the habit of playing smart with you. Make the best use of everything you see, hear and observe.