Dad Wishes That His Laughter Phone Line Helps People To Cope With Covid-19

It is normal for people to feel overwhelmed in this current unprecedent situation. During this Coronavirus pandemic, people are forced to stay at home to remain healthy and avoid getting infected with this deadly virus. People are advised to practice social distance and avoid crowds. Staying at home might turn out to be boring for those who are lucky enough to be healthy.

It is a difficult time to keep our heads straight with all the scary news coming to us through our phones and televisions but we need to be calm. Thankfully, there are some people who are spreading joy and giving us some good news. Be it charity work or generous athletes and celebrities or even regular people, everyone is doing their part to help people in this time of need. People are coming out all creative and with different ideas to spread smiles on other people’s faces. One such person is a dad in Los Angeles. He created a phone line where you can call if you need a boost to face this current situation.

Laughter is a thing which can be very helpful and necessary at this time when there is an absence of proper vaccine, when we can’t go out with our friends or even get a hug. Keeping this thought in mind, Dave Carlson created a Laughter Line. It is phone number at which anyone can call and hear Dave and his family have a laugh.

Since laughter is always needed, Dave created his Laughter Line many years ago, long before coronavirus was here. During this outbreak where laughter is more necessary than ever, Dave’s idea came to the rescue.

In an interview with Red Tricycle, Dave said that it was the time where we all can share a little joy. He told that his kid’s favorite part of the day was when they all sat down and listened to all the laughing voicemails that people had left from all around the world.

Dave even updated his website according to the current scenario: “Could laughter be even more contagious than COVID-19? This is a phone number you can call to hear someone laugh and then leave your laugh after the beep. When you laugh, your area code gets marked on the map.”

Dave was able to receive calls from all around the world. A map on the website shows all the locations that have called so far. Well, we can predict that if this lockdown continues for a longer time, then this map will getter even busier as the days will pass. Let’s hope that, even this idea of Dave to spread laughter is great and amazing in its own way, we won’t need it much longer. But till the time everyone is getting quarantined and are stuck at home, Dave’s Laughter Line seems like a great way to relieve some stress and forget for while what’s going on outside.