Dad’s Collection Of China Dolls Is Driving This Family Crazy

Mr. Barry Collingswood, aged 63 has now a collection of haunted china dolls which is giving his family a ghastly experience because of which they were forced to leave their home. He openly accepted the fact that his first china doll tried to kill him when he bought it from a local charity shop which sparked fear among the rest of the family. Ever since that day, months have passed and Mr. Collingswood has 30 dolls in his bedroom.

Now the family could relate their daily life with a horror movie as they said that the dolls had turned appliances on and off in the home without any intimation and his wife Sarah claimed that she found an unplugged tumble dryer switched on in the middle of the night.

Barry earlier claimed that his first doll tried to kill him while another doll’s eyes moved during conversation and the third one gives her special commentary on activities in the household. After posting online about his new dolls, Barry was told by someone that he could communicate with those dolls by using a mobile phone app which apparently lets the dolls ‘talk’ to him.


He said that he wasn’t the sort of person to buy dolls and would never have done that but after he went into an old shop, he thought of buying the old doll which caught his eyes. He had never imagined in his 63 years of life to own a couple of dolls, let alone 30.

His wife Sarah, who suffers from multiple sclerosis, told him to get rid of the first one without even seeing it because she had a bad feeling about it. This was a sign of things to come for Barry who said he had daily dealing with the paranormal since collecting second hand china dolls and uses an app called Spirit Story Box to communicate with them.

He also talked to a doll who had the spirit of the girl named Clara and the most amazing thing was that she objected to Sarah because she was a woman due to her previous life. This family of three saw her eyes turn towards Barry as if to ignore Sarah from the conversation.

His son Josh believes some of the stuff he says but he think that his dad is a bit eccentric and there’s something paranormal about those dolls and Clara was the one who creeps him out the most ever since he saw her eyes move and now, Josh is hoping to move out in the next few months.