Daughter Gets Angel Pictures Clicked To Honor Fallen Army Father

A girl named Julia Yllescas went for some “angel pictures” with her late dad-Captain Robert Yllescas to pay homage to him. The army officer succumbed to injuries that he received in an IED explosion in Afghanistan.

Technology has taken our world by storm. It has gifted many gems of bliss and comfort to humanity. Human beings are too not leaving any chance to utilize the technical opulence to the full. But a girl named Julia Yllescas took up it up for a different turn.

Exploring the lanes of Afghanistan, Julia’s dad-Captain Robert Yllescas was working hard to add to the glory of the U.S. Army. So finally one day, he got his final task. He was on a combat tour to banish the violent elements thriving in the alleys of Afghanistan. During the operation, he faced an IED explosion.

It was so fierce that it left Robert with some grave injuries. His colleagues rushed to him. He was airlifted to the National Naval Medical Centre in Bethesda (Maryland). The doctors put in their best. But to their dismay, his injuries were too severe. After fighting odds for a month, the great soldier left for his heavenly abode. His grave shines brightly in Oscoda (Nebraska).

His daughter is very proud of him and his valor. So when the Aurora High School senior got a chance to go for some senior photos, she envisaged it as an opportunity to live her wish through it. She approached Susanne Beckman- a photographer of Snapshots by Suz. She was touched to hear the sweet desire of the teenager.


Finally, the duo charted out the plan to go for some “angel pictures”. The photographer snapped in some well-suited locations. Then she edited her snaps by putting the faint shadows of her dad. Susanne got emotional while doing that job as she is the wife of a military officer. After perfecting her work, she sent photographs to Julia. She was taken aback to see them as they looked real. Talking on that line, she said that she felt like her dad was there with her at the time Susanne clicked her shots when she saw the photographs.

Therefore, it was a great moment. Julia shared that she just wanted to have that on her wall and be like he was there with her even though she could not physically see him. So Susanne achieved her feat and gifted some golden moments to her client. She also shared that she could not think in her head about that. According to her, she never wanted to face a moment where she had to do that for her kids.

The duo managed to get some best of the kinds of angel pictures. It paid sweet yet powerful homage to the departed soul. Robert would have felt ecstatic to feel his daughter’s love and efforts that she put in for him.