David Bowie has these amazing pieces of movie roles up his sleeve. #4 is bang-on!

Who doesn’t know the musician David Bowie from those yesteryears who took on the world with his generation defining music that spanned over 40 years? Bowie the man left the human fraternity in a sorry state of affairs after 18-months of fighting with cancer on Sunday Night. The world lost one of its greatest artists of all times!

The 69-year-old who made his mark as an eclectic musician to the world we know also has a list of some fantastic movies to be proud of. From alien to vampire, from a Goblin King to a gigolo, here we look back on five of Bowie’s most memorable movie roles.

The Man Who Fell to earth (1976)

David Bowie 1

Bowie got his first major break into movies with his commendable role as an alien in the now-classic-sci-fi The Man Who Fell to Earth. Directed by Nicolas Roeg, the movie depicts the actor as an alien that comes from a far off galaxy to earth in order to get water for his dying planet. Bowie delvers a somber performance in the movie that explores greed and corruption, showing the extraterrestrial building a billion-dollar company to build a spaceship so as to return to home.

Just a Gigolo (1978)

David Bowie 2

Only two years later after the success of his debut blockbuster, Bowie went all the way to deliver another fantastic performance in the movie Just a Gigolo where he played the role of a World War I veteran who returns home to be a gigolo after failing to find work. Even though the movie couldn’t make a mark at the box office, Bowie’s powerful acting proved his mettle as someone to be taken seriously as an actor.

The Hunger (1983)

David Bowie 3

Bowie raises the mercury in this one as a vampire, romancing the sexy Catherine and the hottie Susan Sarandon for a great guilty pleasure. The actor here is a mix of seductive and vulnerable, and delivers an entertaining piece of drama in this 1980’s pulp.

Labyrinth (1986)

David Bowie 4This Jim Henderson and George Lucas movie brings out the best of the veteran actor. The movie relays a fantasy tale of a young girl’s journey to reclaim her baby brother from a Goblin King played by Bowie himself, with a lot of song and dance that rock the box office like never before. Bowie was seen to be sporting a ridiculous blond wig and very tight tights in this movie, and Bowie’s acting in this one is considered his best and most popular of all times.

The Last Temptation of Christ (1988)

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Bowie doesn’t have a lasting role in this film, but he delivers an extraordinarily strong performance in his short on-screen presence in Nikos Kazantzaki’s controversial novel’s adaptation. The actor tones things down a lot to play the role of Pontius Pilate in the Martin Scorsese movie which earns Bowie an standing ovation from the audience.