Delivery Driver Restores A Family’s Faith In Humanity

Derek and Raquel Pearson’s eight-months-old baby, Lucas has a special heart condition and eating issues that require the intake of supplementary thickeners to be able to eat. Lucas is more prone to catch the respiratory infection if he contacts the virus because of his health deficiencies, the doctors have warned Pearsons.

The Pearsons going through a hard time with their little one’s health issues firmly believe that in difficult times of coronavirus, everyone should make their possible effort to take care of themselves, also everyone around. Even the littlest effort will help preserve lives and slow down the catastrophic impacts of the virus.

Raquel shared their story about Lucas and his health issues and mentioned that they depend on delivery persons who deliver their online orders at their doorstep. She further added that they don’t go out to buy the supplements as baby Lucas’s immunity is very susceptible to the virus and they want to minimize the virus exposure. The Pearsons have also voiced the need for people to realize that many others are more vulnerable to the virus and that everyone should wear masks and practice proper social distancing etiquettes.

Since the Pearsons depend entirely on delivery workers for bringing home supplements for baby Lucas, they hanged an appreciation and thank you letter at their front door which read that Pearsons wholeheartedly thank the delivery persons for delivering their food and packages. It further read that they have an infant with medical needs and that the delivery persons are helping keep their baby alive and healthy.


Some weeks later, an Amazon driver, Monica Salinas was appointed to deliver the feeding supplies at the Pearson’s. She arrived at their doorstep and something beautiful happened. Fortunately, this magical and inspiring delivery was caught on the ring doorbell installed in front of the doorway.

Posting the incident with the video, Raquel wrote that she noticed that Salinas was standing at the Pearson’s doorstep with her head down, Raquel didn’t realize what Salinas was doing until she did the sign of a cross. Raquel was astonished by such a gesture from a complete stranger. She felt choked up a bit on seeing a stranger praying for her kid, especially when things were so hard for the Pearsons midst the lockdown. As soon as the incident happened, Raquel immediately told her husband Derek who received the news in total disbelief.

Salinas, who delivers in Nampa, Idaho for Custom Services through Amazon, said she was perplexed by the amount of attention that was given to her for the heartfelt gesture after Raquel’s post. She received text messages and calls for appreciating and congratulating her for the thoughtful gesture.

Salinas replied to this incident by saying that on seeing the thank you letter she just stopped to do what her heartfelt was right. So, she did a prayer for the baby and his parents hoping the Pearson’s get strength to overcome this painful situation of watching their baby like this.

Readers responded to this entire incident with much love and appreciation for Salinas and warm wishes for the Pearson’s for baby Lucas’ health.