Delivery Man Gets Teary-Eyed When The Neighborhood Thanks Him For Working During Pandemic

During the pandemic, a woman named Patty Friedman moved to Hallsley. She described the neighborhood to be sad and lonely since nobody was getting out of their houses due to the fear of COVID. But she was elated to talk about Gaskin and said that his visits were the highlight of the day. He made the city feel like home and she was so grateful for the same. In an attempt to thank Gaskin, she and other neighbors encouraged all the residents of the neighborhood to come out and appreciate Gaskin’s efforts.

Anthony, the UPS driver, was said to be Santa but in a different suit. He was always seen as happy and smiling. He has always been kind to people and is always ready to help others. To show gratitude, people of the neighborhood came out on the streets with placards and flowers. As Gaskin pulled his van, they all started cheering and hooting. His supervisors were also present to give him gifts as a token of appreciation. He was left teary-eyed on seeing all the love that he received from the neighborhood.

He was overwhelmed and got emotional on seeing such a lovely gesture. Not only Patty but a lot of other neighbors had some special things to say about Gaskin. Hundreds of people and children from Hallsley arrived on bikes, cars, and on foot to line up on the sides of the street to cheer for Gaskin. They got placards with beautiful wordings written on them to show how much they appreciated his efforts.

All the neighbors waited patiently for Gaskin to round the corner in his van. As soon as he appeared, people started shouting his name and blew horns off their cars to cheer him up. At the end of the street, Gaskin’s supervisors presented him with gifts to appreciate the humble deeds he had done. A resident stated that Gaskin always delivered his packages with a wave and a gentle smile. Another one said that he helped their 6-year-old daughter connect with her grandparents via packages because she hadn’t seen them for a year now.

The delivery driver was overwhelmed by all the efforts. He wiped his tears and thanked the neighborhood for being so kind and considerate. He also gave a speech in which he expressed how grateful he was for everything that the people of Hallsley had done for him. Everybody, once again, cheered for Gaskin and thanked him for his kindness and warmth he brought to the town.