Dinosaur Found Strolling In The Streets Of Spain During Lockdown Of Corona Virus

Corona is a fight where we have to stay divided yet united. This fight cannot be fought alone we all have to do our part and isolate ourselves. To fight corona, Spain recently put a lockdown and only in dire need one can leave their house. But one person did not understand his responsibility and came on the street dressed up as a dinosaur.

The citizens can only leave their house when they have to purchase the essentials for the home which include food supplies and food. Otherwise, everyone is told to stay at their home. But one dinosaur did not understand it. While patrolling the streets of Murcia, the police had an encounter with a dinosaur casually strolling the street and they had to told him off.

A spokesperson from the police shared what had happened on Twitter in a tweet. She shared “In alarm, pets are allowed to walk accompanied by a person, always with short walks to relieve themselves. Having a Tyrannosaurus rex complex is not covered.” Though the whole thing about a dinosaur strolling in the streets is very amusing the timing of the dinosaur was not appropriate.

When it is such a hard time and every government in their country is trying to protect their citizens from a serious and dangerous disease one cannot have a dinosaur strolling in the streets. Spain is one of the worst-hit countries on the planets because of corona virus. More than 500 people have died after their diagnosis for corona virus came positive.

The lockdown was announced by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez over the weekend. No schools, colleges, sports arenas or university is open. All the places of the social gathering are closed except pharmacies and supermarkets where people are requested to follow social distancing. The Prime Minister in his address said: “The government of Spain will protect all its citizens and will guarantee the right life conditions to slow the pandemic with as little inconvenience as possible.”

Even the British officials were requested not to travel outside the United Kingdom for at least 30 days from 17th March 2020 to curb the problem of the corona virus. Because of traveling in and out the virus can spread from one country to another and then there is no stop of the virus of not controlled now.

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab even advised the people not to go on vacations or international trips. He website of Foreign Office says “f you now need to change or cancel your travel plans, follow these steps:
contact your airline, travel company, cruise line or other transport and accommodation providers
get in touch with your insurance provider
continue to follow the NHS coronavirus guidance
Even the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson to isolate themselves even if they have the first two symptoms of the virus which is dry cough and fever. He urged for the whole family to isolate themselves from the society even if one family members have the symptom.

He briefed that “Without drastic action, cases could double every five or six days. Now is the time to stop all non-essential contact with others and all non-essential travel.” Stay safe and quarantine yourselves.