Disabled Boy Got 3000 Birthday Cards From Strangers

We all have faced some difficulty at some point of our lives, whether physically or emotionally. Everyone has some sort of distress. Living with a disability is even harder than it seems. This teenage boy from Lancashire faced the same crises. He gave up on his life because he was unhappy with his disability.

One who has some sort of disability has to go through the pain and sufferings mentally as well as physically and making it a tough task growing up with a disability. Some cope with time and some just can’t accept it.

It is very difficult to grow up with a disability especially through the adolescence phase, there is so much to take in. One might feel the urge to give up going through this tough phase. 13-year-old Rhys from Bolton, Lancashire suffered from a life limiting condition known as epidermolysis bullosa. This arduous condition causes blistering and sores on Rhys’ skin. It has even caused his fingers to fuse together.

Rhys disclosed to his mother Tanya that he ‘had enough of his life’ and how unhappy he was with his life. Disheartened but still optimistic, Tanya decided to show his son how good life could be. She appealed everyone to send in cards for Rhys’ 14th birthday to cheer him up.

Wanna say a massive thank you to everyone for todays haul we are gradually plowing through it xx

Posted by Tanya Williams on Friday, September 6, 2019

To everyone’s surprise Rhys got more than 3000 cards from well wishers all across the globe. Since then Rhys is excited and is enjoying opening and reading every single card with his best friend. Various organizations have also reached out to Tanya wanting to cheer up Rhys. Bolton Wanderers even offered Rhys to be their mascot. Although, being a Liverpool fan Rhys is elated by this offer.

Tanya said: “It’s just been crazy. A post van came today with stuff for Rhys, it’s just been mad. I’ve had thousands of messages on Facebook, people turning up at the door. I don’t know whether I’m coming or going, but Rhys is in his element. He’s at home opening the cards with his best friend. He is absolutely loving it. He is opening each card and reading it, and he’s got his friend opening them too. He is taking his time with each one which is why it is taking so long. He’s just so overwhelmed with it.”

She continued, “It’s gone worldwide. He’s been on telly in Chile. He got a card from Qatar today, and loads from America. It’s just gone everywhere. I just want to say thank you. That’s all I can really say at the moment, I’m so overwhelmed by it all. He’s sitting at home opening cards with his best friend and he is really, really happy.”