Dog Owner’s Obituary For Her Pet Received A Huge Response

Sallie had adopted the dog when she was 23 and finding assistance for living in a new city. Sallie was also present this year to attend his owner’s wedding with David. Charlie was a cheerful dog as he was always there to give company to his owner wherever she went. Sallie also took him on trekking and travel.

Charlie was a strong dog as he fought cancer for five months before passing away on 13th September. To pay respect to Charlie who supported her since day one and to honor his companionship, Sallie wrote a eulogy for him in the newspaper which received a lot of condolence from strangers.

Sallie described her dog as the happiest pet with a good personality. She also narrated his favorite activities, stick-collecting, and swimming being a few of them. She wrote, “Charlie loved the beach, car rides, bananas, and socks. Charlie went tailgating, hiking camping, and fishing. He lived the very best life.” Sallie also mentioned other dog owners to give honor to Charlie by loving their dogs even more.


The eulogy went viral when it was shared on Twitter, receiving 100,000 likes and 10,000 retweets in a short period. Lots of people provided comfort to Sallie by sharing pictures of their dogs that passed away and would meet Charlie in paradise.

Among the many people who responded, a person expressed. “The #Tobster says sorry for your loss. He sends you kisses and love. The loss of a dear one is always hard but he trusts you have wonderful memories and enjoy some walks in the sun and changing leaves.”

Sallie shared that the response helped her to let go of the pain. She found it emotional when people shared the pictures of their dogs and it was comforting to her when she read comments like ‘other dogs are waiting to meet Charlie in the Promised Land.’ She felt extremely grateful to receive so much love and condolence. “It sounds silly to say, but it’s so much bigger than me” she added.

Charlie and Sallie enjoyed at the beach, under the sunshine during his last days. Sallie and her husband frequently have a flashback of Charlie’s memories, particularly when they eat peanut butter or see a sock on the floor. Charlie always acquired a special space in Sallie’s heart and he forever will.