Dog Saves His Owner After He Had A Widow Maker Heart Attack

Adam Bavario was 46 years old when he suffered from a heart attack. Throughout his life he has been grateful to his doctors and his dog for saving his life. Being a doctor and police officer pressurized him not only physically but mentally too. Though, this never made him hate his job.

There was a time in his 30s when Bavario was facing chest pain. Even after performing various tests, the doctors were unable to diagnose any health related issues. Due to failure in providing any diagnosis, Bavario almost lost his life five months ago.

Bavario told that he realized that he was experiencing a cardiac arrest. He went to pick up his cell phone to get some help and fainted on the floor itself before he could grab hold of the mobile phone. Bavario understood that he was going through widow maker heart attack, which is one of the most life-threatening cardiac arrest.

Dr. Karim El-Sherief who is an Interventional Cardiologist at Tri-City Medical Center said that one of Bavario’s major arteries was fully blocked and if no serious action was taken to open it on time or as soon as possible, there is a chance of him suffering something extremely unfortunate.

During his unconsciousness, Bavario’s sleeping pet dog named Roxy woke up and was somehow able to feel that his owner was in trouble and needed help. Roxy started to lick and poke him until he regained his consciousness.

It was a complete surprise when Bavario stated that Roxy was deaf from birth and yet she was able to acknowledge his medical state at that particular moment. She came and got him up. Bavario was able to call 911. The first receiver of the call from San Marcos Fire responded by taking him to Tri-City Medical Center in the nick of the time.

Dr. El-Sherief and his medical staff team provided their services by treating Bavario in the least amount of time of 27 minutes thereby creating a record time for the hospital.

At present, Bavario is spending his free time to spread knowledge about cardiac related diseases among people. He suggests everyone to get a check up regularly. He motivates people to do their basic chores daily. Dr. El-Sherief says that a proper balanced diet and exercise along with proper screening can help people to eliminate the risk of cardiac arrest. On every screening done by an individual, one can estimate the amount of risk in the coming 10 years.