Elementary School Teacher Fired After She Went Against The ‘No Zero Policy’

Teachers are the ones that shape the future of our budding souls. They are not hired mentors but role models of their students. These sagacious souls have always been victims of incoherent laws and policies. The rustication of a Florida teacher adds one humiliating event to the list of their agonies. Mrs. Diane Tirado was fired for awarding zeros to her students who failed to produce their assigned projects.

Westage K-8 School in Port St. Lucie stands adamant on the pedestal of its “no zero policy”. Under this, teachers cannot award zero marks to the students who fail to produce their projects. They have to award a minimum of 50 % of the maximum marks to the defaulters. But one of its teachers- Mrs. Diane Tirado, moved ahead to express her dissent with the incoherent policy. She gave a big zero to her students who failed to submit their Explorer notebook project.

A decent time period of two weeks was given to the students of grade-8 to complete and submit the Explorer project. But despite this relaxed period some of the students did not come up with anything to present to her. So the impartial teacher awarded them zeros. But her daring act did not go down well with the school authorities. So she was soon handed over her letter of rustication. The teacher with high experience was thus shunned and robbed of her profession.


But the history teacher was too strong to be crumbled. She proceeded to her classroom and wrote a few farewell lines for her dear students. In her sweet message, she bid them adieu. She expressed her love and wished them the best in their lives. Also, she mentioned the reason of her rustication. She wrote that she had been fired for refusing to give them a 50% for not handling anything in.

Later, she shared her melancholy on Facebook to shed light on the school’s absurd policies. She commented that a grade was earned in her class. Expressing her concern, she stressed on the fact that the kids of her nation were expecting to get paid to show up. That was not real for her. The social media world too burst up with comments and support. The users agreed that her stance was all correct. They asked schools to mend their ways.

Education is not just about books and numbers. It encompasses the overall development of budding souls. They are taught not only to be a successful person but also to be a good human. Science through its gadgets can only bestow the required knowledge on them. Virtues can only come through a stoic teacher. To banish the entrenched evils, we need to respect the space of our teachers.