Everything You Need To Know About Film Certification

Even since I can remember, we’ve always seen the certificate at the start of any movie be it a Bollywood movie or a Hollywood movie. In simple terms we understand that this is something to do with censor board and chopping off scenes. Well, you would be surprised that there is a deeper meaning than just a censor board certificate. Commonly called as Censor Boards, technically the complete name is The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC), this board comes under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, solely responsible for giving out certificates to television shows, movies, television ads, music videos etc.Around the globe, no film, movie, ad or TV show is released without going through the scrutiny of the Censor Board. Very few people would know this, but India is amongst the most powerful board explicitly following strict rules. With its headquarters based in Mumbai, this board is headed by Pahlaj Nihalani as the chairperson.
Here we have share detailed information about each certificate and what it represents. Hope this helps you as much as it helped us:
Before we begin let’s understand that these elements are also called as “ratings” and these certificates are flashed for 10 seconds just before the movie starts.
U – Universal or Unrestricted rating – this is the most basic rating given to movies which can be watched by all type of audience.
U/A – Unrestricted viewing with Parental Guidance required during few scenes. This rating is applicable for children below 12 years of age.
A – Adults only – this movie is not suitable for children below 18 years of age. Theatres or movie hall restrict below 18 personnel to enter.
S – Restricted to special classes – this rating signifies the restriction to Scientists, Doctors etc.
This space gives out main details such as movie name, regional language, if the movie is colored or black and white and if the movie is 2D or 3D.
This space shows the complete duration of the movie. In some certificates this space can show as total length of the reel instead of movie duration.
This shows the total validity of the certificate – sighted here, this movie is for theatrical release only.
This space gives complete information about the Certificate Number, the Location of the Censor board office & Year of Certification done.
This space shows the complete list of the officials who reviewed the Censor board of the film.
This part shows the movie producers name along with the name of the Applicant.
This space shows the part of the certificate. If this shows Part – 2, then the movies which are recommended for cuts by the censor board.
Generally, movies with ‘A’ rating will have Part – 2. This indicates the number of censor’s the movie has gone under. You would commonly have seen this in ‘A’ movies as Part – 2.
This shows the Part – 2 of the certificate with a detailed list of cuts. Both Part – 1 & Part – 2 should be displayed in Theatres
Triangle symbol specifies that the movie has undergone scenes which have been cut. If the triangle symbol does not appear on the certificate, it means the movie has not gone under any cuts.
This part of the space gives complete information about the film gauge, whether it is 35 MM or 70 MM.
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