Experts Explain Why This Woman Gains No Weight Despite Indulging In Fast Food At Most Times, Credit Might Go To Her Husband

We have heard so many people complain about gaining weight out of the blue when they had not even eaten anything fatty. We know a lot of you can relate! But what if we were to tell you about a woman who eats loads of fast food but that food has no effect on her slim body. Yes, she exists and is absolutely real!

The one topic common to all households is the topic of food and health and mostly all conversations revolve around these. The ones who are overweight are told to lose some pounds and the others who are much “smaller” than they should be are advised to eat more and better. Do you see what we are saying? We know you do!

Now coming to the point, Gaby is a 35-year-old woman living in South London, working as a landscape gardener and she is the one who does not put on any weight even after indulging in lots of fast food and other “unhealthy” meals. We know what everyone wants to know – HOW? It’s the common question and we are here to answer it!

So, Gaby has a total weight of 53 kg and is a size 8 (wow, a dream!). But having said that, medically, she is underweight when BMI is considered. So, where is that fast food actually going? It is going where it should be but there is some other reason for her staying fit and fine after all that devouring.

But before we reveal what’s that secret reason, we would like to take you a little into her food habits. She eats chips with vinegar, actually, chips in vinegar. Apart from this, her meal at a fast food joint includes two burgers, fries (of course!) and other items that she might be craving at that particular moment. She is for sure all of us, at least in this case!

She is not the only on foodie, her husband is equally fond of eating but there’s a difference. She said, “We are real foodies and we’ll always over order but end up eating everything anyway.”

All the junk that she eats is balanced out by the healthy eating she does at home, credit goes to her husband, Roy. Roy prepares some really great food that has all the nutritious ingredients like green vegetables and salads leading to Gaby consuming a balanced diet every day.

According to the experts who did a complete examination of Gaby, found that her stomach had the most diverse bacteria in Western Europe, the bacteria which largely affects weight gain. They confirmed that Roy’s diet had a major contribution to this.

Gaby took a second to take it all in and was quite surprised by knowing the reason why she wasn’t gaining despite eating two burgers on a dine-out! She feels fortunate to have this “advantage” and understands the importance of being healthy, which is in fact, crucial!