Fake Flights Organized For People Who Miss Flying

Due to the global pandemic, everyone is forced to stay at their homes until the health crisis is controlled and sorted. People miss their normal and are trying to find a new normal. Among this Taiwan, the government has allowed people to check in the airports. Fake check-ins and flights are being stages at the airports to help people cope up with the global pandemic.

Many people miss their normal among them who miss traveling have been allowed by the Taiwan authorities to have experience of fake flights to feel normal in some way. An airport in Taiwan is offering its citizens an opportunity to two-hour fake flights. The fake flights will also have staged check-in to give a proper feeling of boarding.

Taipei’s Songshan airport is giving this opportunity to the citizens of pretending to take flights. It will help people get out of boredom and is also seen as an opportunity for people to learn how to board the flight. Many jumped at this opportunity and bought fake tickets for the fake flights. A schedule was released for the fake flights to give a proper feel of the whole thing.

People had to buy tickets for their fake flights and thousands booked their tickets. The first tour was on July 2nd followed by two more tours on 4th July and 7th July. The lucky travelers who were picked were given proper itinerates, boarding passes, and all just like it was any other normal flight. Just like in normal days’ people had to board, go through the security check and immigration checks.

They further boarded Airbus A330 where they were flight attendants to greet them and look out for any problem the passengers had. Though there were no flight meals but the passengers after their fake flights were given treats and meals at the airport hotels. The passengers captured the moments in selfies and pictures. The passengers even got the chance to shop at the duty-free shops.

Hsiao Chun-Wei along with her son was lucky enough to get a chance to board the fake flight. The 38-year-old shared “I really want to leave the country, but because of the epidemic lots of flights can’t fly.” Chih-ching Wang, the airport’s deputy director shared his thoughts on the initiative and said: “People who didn’t have the opportunity to take international flights at Songshan can use this chance to experience and learn more about the boarding process and relevant service facilities.”