Farmer Creates A Sunshine Field By Planting 2 Million Sunflowers To Cheer People Up During The Pandemic

We all had a tough few months with the pandemic keeping us locked inside our homes. The summer did not feel like it this time as we did not take those rides to the beach or plan an al fresco meal with friends. However, after months of craving the sun, a Wisconsin farmer brightened up his field by planting 2 million sunflowers! It’s a good day to take a trip to a sunflower field.

If you want to be outside on a bright sunny day to cheer up in such gloomy times, there’s a perfect place for you. You’ll be safe and socially distanced amid the beautiful flowers blossoming around you. Plan a visit to this sunflower field with 2 million of yellow blooms planted for people to feel cheerful!

Scott Thompson of Bristol, Wisconsin, had this thought of planting sunflowers in their Thompson Strawberry Farm when they realized that this year has not been great for people. This farm has been in their family for over 70 years. So, he and his wife planned something brilliant and enlivening to do there.

Sunflowers are magical and they have the power to brighten up anyone’s day with their “sunny” charm! Thompson had no second thoughts regarding this idea and went ahead with it. He knew that this was the perfect way to help people celebrate the summer that they have been missing all this while.

“We just did it … and we just kept building. As the season went on, the pandemic never went anywhere … and we thought people might be looking for something to do, and what a great way to social distance and … smile, basically,” he shared.

Usually, this family has a different plantation list for their fields which includes pumpkins, strawberries, and raspberries. But they added sunflowers this time to their field and the beautiful flowers covered 22 acres of land.

Apart from the sunflowers, they even grew wildflowers and zinnias in those fields for giving a refreshing look to the farm.

Posted by Thompson Strawberry Farm on Monday, August 24, 2020

When people around caught a whiff of this cheerful field, they visited the beautiful farm covered in pretty yellow blooms. The visitors captured those joyful moments in their phones and cameras to cherish them forever. People can even take home a few sunflowers or zinnias as a memory of the delightful field!

Every car up to six people has to pay $25. They can pick one dozen of those flowers and click as many pictures as they want in the field. Pictures are a must!

“I’m just glad we get to have a business people are happy to come to … and get away from the city,” Thompson revealed.

This Wisconsin farmer is glad that he took this decision of planting the sunflower. He received a lot of appreciation for creating a sunshine field for the people.

“We get all these comments on Facebook, or if I’m out in the field, everybody is like, ‘Thanks for doing this,’ (and) ‘This is what I needed.’ People are so happy to be out there and have a place to go,” he proudly admitted.