Fashion Student’s Revenge After She Realized Classmate Was Stealing Her Work

Grace, a Fashion Design student used to work on her designs passionately and dedicatedly. During her designing classes, she started forming a bond with a fellow student called Jane who was the daughter of a Chairman on the School’s board. With the passage of time, they both became best friends as they had a lot of things in common. As a kind and humble friend, Grace showed her designs of handbags and purses to get reviews from Jane. She made those designs in an incredible detail which led her to score good in exams. On the other hand, Jane was a lazy student and did not do well in her exams. Therefore, she approached Grace for helping her out to improve her designs.

Moving on, Grace started teaching her friend to help her enhance her practical skills. Soon did she find out about the actual personality of Jane. She observed her as a lazy, constantly complaining and ungrateful person as she never appreciated the help she was getting. Grace provided her with improvement classes for about a week. Finally, their next presentation approached and she was shocked to see Jane using a design drawn by her in her assignment. Fortunately, she presented her assignment using other designs created by her. However, she was upset about Jane stealing her original work as she did not expect it from her.

She informed her professor about the matter but he was helpless about it. He had been receiving a lot of pressure from his up-line to give the best grades to Jane due to the respected position and power of her father. Disappointed with the Professor’s helplessness, Grace devised a plan to expose her tendency to cheat and leave her with no excuses.

She came up a with a perfect revenge plan and went on executing it further. As a part of her plan, Grace again started studying with Jane when she asked for her help. But this time she took a different sketch book along with her. She had been using it as an inspiration and this booklet was full of famous designs by major clothing brands. She used to secretly work on her original designs and Jane was again in her vision and attempt that she would steal her designs for their final presentation.

Furthermore, she was least aware of the fact that the work of final presentation would be judged by a panel of professionals from the Fashion Industry. When the examination day arrived, Grace went first and her work was recognized in an appreciative way. However, Jane presented the copied designs from the inspiration book and were recognized by the panel. Unfortunately, she was berated by the professionals who recognized the copied designs and kicked her out of the school for plagiarism in her final exam. A friend of Grace’s posted this story of comeuppance on Reddit and attracted a lot of supportive comments.