Father Got Tattoo To Match Son’s Surgery Scar

A dad named Martin Watts got his son’s heart surgery scar and heartbeat inked on his chest. He chose the way to make his son named Joey proud of his scar that he got after undergoing open-heart surgery. Martin shared the picture under the #ScarSelfie campaign of Children’s Heart Surgery Fund.

Parents are angels in the garbs of humans. They toil day and night to bestow pearls of bliss on their little nuggets. One such parent is Martin Watts. The 37-year-old dad took his love and support for his 6-year-old son named Joey to a higher level.

The Watts from Beverly (East Yorkshire) were going through the torrent of predicaments. Martin and his wife Leanne Watts were trembling badly as their sons-Joey Watts and Harley Watts were suffering from supravalvular aortic stenosis. Supravalvular aortic stenosis is a life-threatening defect that contracts the large vessels of blood that carry blood from heart to the rest of the body.

The striking fact came out in case of Joey when Leanne was 28 weeks pregnant. In case of Harley, it was discovered when she was 14 weeks pregnant. So they were aware of the defect even before the birth of their sons. But things got worse with passage of time.

The doctors declared that the brothers could face the end of their lives at any time. The condition of Joey was deteriorating at a faster pace. So they advised them to take up an open heart surgery of the 6-year-old boy. The surgery was a complex one. Only one in every ten is able to make through it.

Taking on the rough patch, Leanne shared that it had been really scary. They both had reservations but they were glad afterwards they had chosen to go ahead. According to her, she had been numb and scared on the day of surgery at the Leed Children’s Hospital. The mother knew that the doctors in the theatre were doing their best but did not want to hear those scary words. She used to think that superhero wore caps and not surgical caps and gowns.

But her fears vanished into the air when they came out with a smile after 8-hour long operation. They told them that the operation had been successful. Taking on the condition of her boys, Leanne shared that it was a rare condition. For some reasons, the boys did not have William’s Syndrome but they had the heart condition of a child with William’s.

When the little hero got up from his nap, he discovered the scar on his chest. He grew tensed on seeing that and inquired his parents if that was where they had cut him to fix his heart. The parents tried their best to convince him not to feel bad about it. Instead, he should be proud of it.

Next day, Joey got discharged. He reached his home. Martin wanted to make his son embrace the imprint of the surgery. So the dad left for a tattoo parlour. He asked the tattoo artist to ink his son’s scar and heartbeat on his chest. Then the father-son duo clicked a picture with their scars.

Martin shared the picture under #ScarSelfie campaign of Children’s Heart Surgery Fund. After Joey, his elder brother-7-year-old Harley was also scheduled to undergo the same surgery later in this year.

Hopefully, the little nugget would too be able to come out of the shackles of the congenital heart defect.