Father-Son Duo Make A Real-Life Transformer From Old Lada

The Transformers is all about robots trying to defend planet earth from their evil brothers. There are good robots called Autobots and evil robots called deceptions. The robots are called transformers because they shapeshift from automobiles to robots. The team of protectors is led by Optimus Prime and the villainous robots are led by Megatron. This sounds pretty cool, right? But one might think that it is not possible in real life.

Well everybody till now thought that but a team of father and son proved everyone wrong. Gennadiy Kocherga and his son Sergey teamed up and made up a real transformer from their car. They converted their Lada into a real transformer that not only transforms but shoots as well. It took them six months to convert their Lada into a transformer full of secret compartments and automatic weapons. They have completely and fabulously converted their Lada into their version of the transformer from the popular The Transformer franchise.

They presented their creation for the first time at a stunt show in Russia, where they left the crowd stunned and shocked. The crowd of Oryol stunt show was impressed when they saw the car driving, transforming and shooting on its own. Mr. Kocherga senior told RT.com that it was just as if they were watching one of the movies of a cartoon of The Transformers franchise, it was so real and amazing.


They named their first transformer Optimus Gennadievich Praimov and chose Russian Lada because of its no frilly features. The duo is already working on their next models of cars for transforming them. They have planned to build to transformer cars by next year with the same concept but will surely add their quirky ideas to it. They have visited many Russian cities and showed their creation. They are planning on many more visits and invitations with their new transformed cars as well.

Well, the Oryol fans are going crazy with their car transformation and cannot wait for their upcoming projects. The duo with their determination, hard work, quirky ideas, and great concepts are all set to prove the world wrong again and again.