Fedex’s Driver Helped Gift Exchange Between 6-Year-Old And Tony Hawk

FedEx, the borderless delivery chain, stood true to their tagline, “We Live to Deliver” when its worker became a genie for a 6-year-old. The deliveryman became a viaduct through which a little boy could deliver his affection to his idol. And also received a surprise in return.

Mikail Farrar a courier man at FedEx was elated to meet a young kid as he was out moving through his regular day in Suwanee, Georgia. The 6-year-old, Cooper Morgan was chasing Farrar’s vehicle. Which the latter saw from the rare view mirror. The purpose? Well, this little one wanted a favor. But what could possibly a tiny kid like Cooper ask for? Well, he had the cutest demand; he wanted Farrar to deliver a present to Tony Hawk, his skateboarding hero.

Hawk, now in his 50s, was a sensation in the 90s. To this day he holds several records of skateboarding eminence to his credit. Cooper who has his heart set to becoming the next skateboarding prodigy, handed over an old and used skateboard to Mikail. On it were the names of Tony and Cooper penned in black ink. Obviously since a 6-year-old could not have attractively packed a package, the gift was handed over to the mailman without a covering or address.

Of course, this little cutie had no idea of how postal services work. So the only thing he instructed Farrar was to deliver the package safely to Hawk. Mikail, who did not want to be a pin to his bubble decided to do the best that he could. He used TikTok as a platform to share the incident, hoping to find someone who could help realize Cooper’s wish. Having over a thousand followers, Farrar believed that it would be the best way to help the 6-year-old.

Hours later his post became a buzz. It was spreading like wildfire and people were tagging Tony Hawk with every share. This was done to ensure that the message reached its destination. And then it did. Oh yes, you read that correctly. Tony Hawk responded to Mikail’s TikTok request. He direct messaged him his address and thanked Farrar for being the bridge. Thus, finally, the old skateboard completed its trip from Georgia to California.


The benevolent old celebrity also arranged for a new skateboard as a return gift to Cooper. Without a doubt, the little one was on cloud nine. And so were his elder brother Tucker and dad Robby, who are both skateboarders, and share this idol in common. Can you imagine the joy, they must have experienced on receiving the three skating boards from their idol? And guess who turned into off-season Santa? Of course, Mikail, our beloved deliveryman!

In an interview Robby Morgan mentioned that Hawk, to this day inspires a lot of kids to start skateboarding. And that this whole experience for them has been uncanny and dreamlike.

Whilst Farrar said that he had low expectations of this turning out to be such a huge thing, but it did and he was grateful to all those who helped, including Hawk for being so generous. Isn’t this purely beautiful? Exactly, the kind of news we need right now.