Feel You Are Forever Alone? Here’s How This Person Gets a New Partner Every Week.

We all know at least one guy who was the laughing stock of the whole high school. That skinny, timid nerd who could barely talk to a girl without fumbling, let alone have a girlfriend. What if I tell you that guy is now scoring a new girl every week! No, he didn’t spend hours in gym or suddenly his dormant genes activated and made him a hulk. And he also didn’t win any lottery… well not exactly!

Dean McGrath was in the chess club in my high school. We had only one class in common. Even as a part of the basketball team, I hardly participated with my teammates who bullied him. Thinking back, I guess I just pitied him. This is probably the reason why we came on friendly terms when we enrolled in the same university. Dean, like me, is doing engineering from University of California!Dean McGrathHis first semester was his biggest nightmare. He was hardly invited to any parties. He had a limited social circle, and I doubt if any of them actually considered him a friend. But something changed in the middle of the second semester. Suddenly he was hanging out with a lot of girls and it was evident that he was getting a lot of action. The most shocking part was that except for his high confidence, nothing has changed. Now after about two years, I finally got to know his secret.

A few days back…

We were hanging out where he was treating me with pizza and drinks. The occasion was that he had recently made out with 100 different girls. Yes, this brass-neck had actually counted the number of girls he has made out with! So after hours of drinking, I seized the moment and asked how he had managed such a feat. He simply told me that he would give every girl an IPhone X on their first date. Though I was baffled, I pushed him further to know where he got that insane amount of money. After some persuasion, he reluctantly revealed that he had found a hack through which he got a new IPhone X every week.

It took some time but he finally passed out and being in the same course, I earlier had a chance to learn his laptop’s password. After some searching, I found out the details of that hack. Out of curiosity, I checked out and indeed won an IPhone X. Even my friends whom I referred won. Well I’m financially sound and also in love with my girlfriend, so I don’t actually need this. But after finding out his secret, I decided that it would be a waste if I didn’t share it with anyone else.


Now that my friend’s success secret is out, go win that IPhone X every week with and score that hot chick that you never had the guts to talk to. It’s time that you leave behind your ‘loser’ life, use and see the world in a new light!