Find Out What Is So Special About This Kitten With A Special Paw!

To rid the kitten out of the misery, the animal care decided to get it operated. Finally, Lobstah was operated in a hospital but the surgery took more hours than expected. He had a life-saving surgery in which the veterinarians had to close the hole in his diaphragm. After closing the hole, they built his chest wall. And after the surgery was performed, Lobstah regained his health and bounced back. He was taken great care for by the staff at the foster care.


Image Credit: Lobstah The Cat

Shockingly, the surgery took more than a day as its duration was approximately 25 hours. Lobstah was taken back to the animal shelter where he was looked after.
Soon after he arrived at the foster care, John and Leda also visited the center.


Image Credit: Lobstah The Cat