Firefighters Let Scared Girl Paint Their Nails After Car Crash

Such an incident took place in North Davis Fire District in West Point, Utah. These firefighters who were trained to save lives, showed kindness which was truly natural. A traffic accident led to two firefighters getting a manicure.

The incident took place in Clearfield when Battalion Chief, Allen Hadley and Captain, Kevin Lloyd responded to a traffic accident. Both the Captain and Battalion Chief were trying to calm down a toddler who had been involved in a car accident involving her mother Jocelyn Fernelius.

While trying to calm the two-year-old, the two noticed that the toddler was clutching on to three bottles of nail polish. That is when they decided to distract her from the accident by talking to her about the nail polish and even allowing her to paint their nails.

“These two officers started talking to the little one about her nail polish and asked if she would paint their nails.” this statement was written by Becraft and got viral on the Facebook post.

Soon after a minute this distraction trick of the two officers worked and she calmly painted their nails, she completely forgot about the accident she had just experienced. The toddler started laughing and was enjoying every bit of painting the nails of the two officers.


Toddler’s mother Jocelyn Fernelius was grateful to these two officers as she was 13 weeks pregnant and was in no state of calming the two-year-old due to this accident. “We were at a stop light and a lady hit us a couple of times,” Jocelyn Fernelius said,” I was freaking out because I was like, “Am I going to lose my baby?” And my toddler Braelyn was in the backseat, screaming because she was scared.”

She was so thankful to the officers Hadley and Lloyd for keeping her daughter occupied. When the accident took place, Jocelyn was so shocked and scared but was relieved when she realized that her daughter was not crying anymore, she looked back and saw that her little one was having a gala time chatting with these two officers. The little one was sad when the firefighters had to go back to work.

When Hadley was interviewed, he said he is also a father of three children and knows how to handle the little ones. “She was scared and I’m glad we could help”. The most important thing is that mom and daughter are OK “said Hadley. Fortunately, nobody was seriously injured in the crash, though the turn of events did end up with two Firefighters with quasi-manicures.