Firefighters Saved The Day When Nobody Turned For Boy’s Birthday

A young boy was turning 7 and all he wanted for his birthday was a special evening. An evening big birthday party with all of his friends. So his parents obliged and booked an indoor playing space for their son’s 7th birthday party. The pool had a lot of space and could accommodate dozens of children. His parents sent out invites to all the kids he knew for his birthday party.

On his birthday the young boy was very excited to meet all his friends and spend an amazing fun-filled day with them. But the party soon turned into trouble when only one guest showed up from the dozens invited. The family waited for all his friends and were in the hope that they will turn up for the party. But their hopes were shattered soon.

The boy was shattered by this and his special day turned into a bad emotional day. He was devastated by the behavior of all the people invited whom he thought were his friends. A lady working at the check-in desk of the indoor playing space witnessed everything and was shattered by the behavior of his friends.

She went to another party and spoke to the parents who were finishing the party. The parent turned out to a firefighter and when she asked for his help she was not disappointed. Soon the reinforcements were on their way to the young boy’s birthday party. The employee said in an interview, “I called, I was a little emotional. I though they would think it was a crank call because it wasn’t an emergency.”

When the firefighters started piling up one by one, the hope flickered again in the family. Soon the indoor playing space was filled with dozens of firefighters and the kid was thrilled to have them there. After seeing the kid Jon Stratton, Fire Station Chief told that “I thought he was going to jump out of his shorts, honestly. He was overjoyed and the smile never left his face.”

Soon the dull and vacant party turned into a fun and thrill-filled party. The party which the kid wanted despite his friends not showing up. The firefighters took part in all the games and fun, including a Nerf war. They not only followed the kid’s instructions and played the games he wanted but also made sure that he played some of theirs. And the kid was so happy to play all the games with the big lads.

The firefighters even stayed for pizza and cake. The sugar rush surely didn’t help the kid and the firefighters. Their spirits were so high. But the firefighters made sure that the kid has an amazing and special day with a lot of good and happy memories. We all know that firefighters help the community and when they have to pick up a Nerf gun to serve the society they never back down.