Fitness Expert Creates A Controversy After Admitting That She Would Not Work With Overweight People

We might be optimistic about this world advancing and be glad that we have come a long way since the orthodox views ruled the society but there’s always something that takes us back to those days. This is what happened when a fitness expert appeared on a show and presented some “controversial” views about how she won’t work with overweight people. Huh?

Samantha Yardley, a writer and editor, has been working in the fitness industry for quite a while now. However, it wasn’t long ago when she expressed her opinion on obesity that caused quite a stir.

She made an appearance on “This Morning” where Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford interviewed her and asked her a bunch of questions after she revealed that she would not work with overweight people.

She added that she doesn’t want to ‘encourage judgement’ towards the people who are on a higher side in terms of their weight but believes that this is something that people should hear. “We all take the path of least resistance – we need to make it more inconvenient to be obese,” said Samantha.

The 34-year-old fitness expert had a lot to say about this topic and even shared that she wants the plus-sized clothes to be uncommon and not be within such an easy reach of the customers. Eamonn could not help but condemn this thinking as ‘incredibly cruel’.

Samantha laid out some “facts” for them to understand that it is not a smart choice to employ overweight people. “Look at the facts. People who are obese take off nearly twice as many days off work than those people within a healthy weight range for a start. That’s going to have a financial implication. And, also from personal experience, from being larger, you are more lethargic and more lazy,” she explained.

Ruth and Eamonn stepped in with a few concerns and asked her about the people who experience a tough time while trying to shed a few pounds especially the ones who might be suffering from an ailment or disorder.

This woman responded by saying, “You don’t need to have six-pack abs or work out every day. It’s a lifestyle choice, you need to eat a little bit less, work out a little bit more. It’s just a calorie deficit you need to implement and that will cause a physical change.”

We can only imagine the extent of rage among the people after watching this and hearing such words. One person posted, “Could you ask Samantha Yardley if she would refuse an overweight doctor saving her life? Or would she refuse an overweight surgeon carrying out a lifesaving operation on her? Just curious.”

Evidently, Samantha Yardley had caused a huge controversy with her statements and views. She might have to deal with quite a few haters now.

“Samantha Yardley doesn’t care about people’s health and well-being. Laughing her way through the interview calling overweight people lazy and saying she would refuse to work with them. Spiteful. Thank God for people like Joe Wicks who don’t discriminate,” another one commented.