Flight Turned Around As Mom Forgets Her Baby At The Airport

Airports can puzzle you with all the formalities involved before you finally board the flight. Amidst all that “havoc”, there can be certain things that can slip out of the mind. It is inevitable!

As long as you forget a thing there, it’s acceptable, but forgetting your kid in the waiting area is definitely panicking. A mom was flying from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia and when the plane had already taken off, she found that her baby was missing. Yes, she did have him at the airport, but now the baby wasn’t in her arms!

She panicked and quickly called the cabin crew. She explained everything and it was an emergency situation. The plane had to be turned around and it happened!

The final destination of the Flight SV832 was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, but it wasn’t headed that way anymore. It took a turn back to where it took off from.

When the pilot was informed about the baby being left at the terminal, he took immediate action and contacted the air traffic controllers. He laid down the whole story in front of them and asked for their permission to head back. Their conversation was recorded where the pilot’s words were, “May God be with us. Can we come back or what?”

The conversation involved serious discussion and figuring out the correct way to handle the case. The pilot sounded really concerned for the mother and the baby. He kept telling the ATC that the mother is very upset and doesn’t want to go any further without her child.

After examining everything, the operator permitted the pilot to make the turn, “Okay, head back to the gate. This is totally a new one for us!”

The entire video of this conversation between the pilot and the air traffic controllers was recorded and shared on social media. People had all kinds of views on this incident especially about the “irresponsible” behavior that the mother showed.

Comments like, “How does a mother forget her baby?” poured in and people were shocked to know about this “dramatic” case.

There were also positive words in the comments appreciating the pilot for his quick response and thoughtfulness.

It is astounding to hear and read about such rare events taking place. We guess that’s how this world and the people work. We can’t expect anything that would happen the next second!