Former Mariner Organized Fundraiser To Pay Off School Lunch Debt

Good intentions make way for good deeds. They thrive in the deepest corner of the heart to evade the evil of materialism. Thus, only a few souls are able to draw power to work out some ways to lessen the burden of toiling souls. One of these Good Samaritans is a former marine named Wright who started a fundraiser to provide relief to the school-goers having negative lunch balances.

Wright was living an insipid life after getting out of the domain of a marine. Then some moments of introspection floated in and changed his trail. A local high school shared its story of negative balances with him. The school was having $4000 as negative lunch balances of its students. The revelation shocked his conscience. He became restless to ponder over the hardships of those students. After consulting his inner self, he decided to take the matter in his hands.

The former marine went ahead to start a fundraiser to bring down the negative lunch balance of the schools. He took to the world of Facebook and created a page to suit his initiative. Sharing the disturbing fact with the social media users, he wrote, “After reading several stories of kids having to put hot lunches back because they didn’t have enough money on their cafeteria accounts I thought maybe we could raise some money for kids in similar situations in our area”. Reflecting on his noble soul, he said, “Children should not be worried about the account balances they just need to focus on school and getting food to feed their growing minds and bodies”.

He set $1000 as the target of the fundraiser initially. He was not sure of the response of the world to his initiative. To his delight, social media users reacted with zeal. That powered up his spirits. He went ahead to increase the target of donation by three times.

Well, that was not the end of the story. The donations rained over his Facebook page. People cranked up the meter of donations to $7667 within a week. More than 250 people from different walks of life around the world came up to contribute their part to relieve the pricked nerves of the budding souls. Wright was stunned to see their response. His emotions nudged him to write a note of gratitude for the people who joined him in that mission.

Pouring out his emotions, he said, “My biggest regret of this whole fundraiser is that I didn’t write down all of the names of the people who donated to actually make it all possible”. Adding to that, he said, “THANK YOU everyone who participated in the fundraiser with me whether that was donating, sharing the post or just messaging me with approvement and encouragement”.

Don’t worry Wright, deeds, and not names, matter in the act of humanity!

The overwhelming response of the souls around the world testifies the fact that humanity still thrives in the dust-laden streets of materialism. Thus, we need only a fire of encouragement to fight off the evils of our gloomy world.