French YouTuber’s ‘Orbeez Experiment’ Blocks The Neighborhood’s Sewage System

We have seen endless people trying to make it get those views and ad incentives on the largest media streaming center, YouTube. Some are marrying for views, some betting between two big YouTube channels to see who reaches 100 million subscribers quickest. We have seen it all. The newest trend is to fill up your bathtub with orbeez and flush it down the drain, for a few views and a lot of trauma for the locality you live in.

Recently a French Youtuber named Cyril Schreiner, from Alsace decided it was a good idea to put hundreds of orbeez in his bathtub. He presumably took upon himself to decode the rate of expansion of the orbeez in the water. Everything till now sounds very planned and organized but this is the only thing thought of. He had no idea how to take these orbeez out of his bathtub once they had expanded in the water. A perfect way of inviting a disaster.

After not being able to come up with a solution, Cyril decided to pull the plug (quite literally) on his experiment. He decided to pull the plug and let those expanded jelly balls go down the drain. Then according to his Twitter handle, orbeez reportedly blocked his pipe and flooded his sink and bathroom. Then he had an even more groundbreaking idea to flush his toilet. And anyone who is taking notes, this isn’t the best idea because this leads the toilet to overflow and completely flood the bathroom. This is exactly what happened with Cyril.

You would think that was it but it was just the tip of the iceberg as he had not just completely destroyed his drainage system but also his neighbors. Their drainage systems were also blocked by the jelly balls. Schreiner further goes on to claim to have received a letter from the local town hall saying the police were searching for the culprit. Which clearly did not sit right with this new age influencer. But the entire case scenario after the drainage faux is up for question. Some think that this might just be a stunt to get people to his youtube channel. But Cyril remains adamant and says he doesn’t care if everyone agrees or not.

One person wrote that everyone knows that all of this is just a hoax and everyone knows that it shouldn’t be flushed down. Another wrote that it was funny but the letter was the fake part of the story. Furthermore, a journalist by the name of Vincent Manilève did an investigation and came to a conclusion it was a hoax. He further explained that the pipeline network is ‘private’, and therefore that, if his pipes are blocked, it cannot affect the neighbors. The mayor also says that the letter is false, that he went to warn the police and that he invited Cyril to discuss it.

Regardless, these claims have not been verified. But if it is true, it gives YouTubers to do more stupid stuff since all that stupidity brings them the required social media attention. In this case scenario, it feels pretty hilarious but we never know when this line is crossed and it actually starts harassing the people around them. These kinds of pranks and ideas do need some (jelly) balls.