From Size 22 To Size 10, This Bride-To-Be Transformed Herself In The Most Incredible Way

We are always told to feel comfortable in our own skin and not let the opinions of others get to us. We know following a healthy lifestyle is really important and one should work towards that regardless of what people say. This woman transformed herself in the most amazing way for her dream wedding and is now an inspiration!

The transformation journey of Niamah Haddow, a 24-year-old is full of motivation and gives everyone a better view of what all one has to go through while on this path. Niamah, who is from Abergavenny, Wales was very excited for her 21st birthday as she had planned a holiday to Florida and was looking forward to having a great time there. Who wouldn’t be excited to ring in their birthday on a vacation with friends!

But a lot happened on that trip and it wasn’t exactly what she had planned. You should know a little background about her before we get into the post-vacation details. In 2015, Niamah weighed almost 120 kg and her diet included a lot of junk, pizza and alcohol. We are not saying that she looked bad or anything, it’s just that she wasn’t following a healthy lifestyle as is reflected by her food choices. Health is what matters the most!

During her birthday vacation, she visited the amusement parks and went on the rides which did not turn out good for her as it got difficult for her to fit on certain rides and of course, she was embarrassed. Imagine this happening to you on your birthday, it is heartbreaking!

She came back and knew what she had to do next. She was now determined to lose weight and her mom stood in full support with her as she was equally worried about her daughter’s health.

Niamah joined Slimming World to guide her on this journey and began with her regular sessions. There is no denying the fact that it was a difficult phase for her. She had her low points on the way and who doesn’t? But she continued with full strength and December 2016 arrived with good news. She had reached her destination that is her goal weight. How amazing is that!


Even though she was a size 10 now (from size 22!), she had no plans to stop yet. This is some real motivation we all needed! Her boyfriend was always very supportive of her throughout her journey. They just got married and it was a dream wedding for both of them. Niamah feels grateful that she was able to lose weight just in time for her wedding. She said, “I had a Harry Potter wedding which obviously drew a lot of attention. If I hadn’t have lost weight I wouldn’t have done that.”

This is not just the only inspiration we have got from her, the other milestone of her journey is that she just became a police officer in Australia which of course, was another great thing that happened only after she transformed herself.

Take notes, people. Move one step forward towards your goal today!