Generous Plumber Bankrupts Himself Serving 3000 Elderly People For Free

Money may not have feet of its own, but has a lot of people chasing it. We all chase money and that is the only way we think we can survive. But Mr. James Anderson thinks no way we think. This plumber has almost bankrupted himself by repairing and plumbing for free for over 3,000 elderly and vulnerable people for absolutely no cost.

Fifty-two-year-old Mr. Anderson, who is a plumber from Burnley, UK, became a noticeable Internet sensation when he took no payment for buying and repairing a new broiler for ninety one year old lady. The invoice that came to him had a ninety one year old lady who had been suffering from Leukemia, a dreaded kind of blood cancer who had two unrepaired leaks and a dysfunctional broiler. On hearing this invoice Mr. Anderson instructed for a no cost service for the lady and a twenty-four-hour help to the lady at all times.

The old lady’s daughter had contacted him, telling her dilemma. Her mother didn’t have any hot water access and the temperature outside was decreasing by the day. The concerned daughter had then called up Mr. Anderson for help. On hearing her plight, he decided to help her and her mother as soon as possible and also at zero cost. He also assured her that she would forever remain in his books. She also would be additionally given free heating and plumbing services for life.

Further explaining his working methodologies, the very kind Mr. Anderson told that he offers most of his customers a hefty twenty-five percent off during the spring and summer seasons. In the particularly harsh and cruel winter season he gives all of his services free of cost. The prices are minimum and greatly help the older section of the population, who have a great difficulty to find help and if they do find a help they were often duped. He remembers when an old couple called him telling the plumber had told them to buy $15,000 new broiler when the old broiler was checked it just needed a repair.

Mr. Anderson runs a non-profit plumbing company called -Depher. This initiative hasn’t been one which has helped him financially. His very generous activities have brought him very close to bankruptcy quite sometimes. He has been on the verge of losing his company numerous times but he has always pulled it back and continued with the fight as the warrior he is.

He aims to make his beloved company recognized across the nation; he wants to help the old people. All sixty-five years plus adults and disabled shall be given free plumbing. He would also love if government funding is given to his initiative. The cherry on top to all of this would be a nationwide helpline.

Mr. Anderson has been serving the people around him without any expectations. Living in such a minimalist way is quite difficult. We can very easily talk about it but to start doing so we require extreme power of self-perseverance and self-motivation for working for others. Even if we come across a lot of hiccups and bumps, we need to learn to take everything up our stride and have a problem-solving mindset. This would make this world we coexist in a bit better place to live and exist in.