13 Gifts For Your Grammar Enthusiast Friends! #9 Will Leave You In Splits!

We all have at least one friend that can’t resist to correct others when they make some grammar mistakes. These grammar enthusiasts are also now popularly referred to as grammar nerds. Here are some gifts your grammar nerd friends will definitely appreciate.

#1 There, Their, They’re



One of the most common mistakes made by people is among there, their and they’re. One can understand the message on the T-shirt only when they know the correct usage of all these 3 words.

#2 Thoughtful Cup



This is the thought running in the minds of your grammar nerd friends when they have been forced to be silent while someone with not so good grammar is speaking.

#3 Cross Stitch Patterns



This poster with cross stitch pattern is really inspiring. It would motivate your friend to continue to be a grammar nerd.

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