Girl Organized Carwash Fundraiser To Get Prosthetic Leg For Dad

A girl named Summer Bell launched a car wash fundraiser initiative to collect enough funds to get her dad a prosthetic leg. Her dad named Doug Bell lost the bottom portion if his leg to an infection.

Determination and will power are big enough to conquer all odds. Mishappenings, no matter how big, cannot withstand the tempest of will power and emotions. A girl (from Oregon) named Summer Bell proved this fact and went ahead for a carwash fundraiser initiative.

Life had never been a cakewalk for Summer’s dad, Doug Bell. He had always been afflicted with uncountable agonies. In the early phase of his life, he spent many years fighting the tempest of diabetes. Then his kidneys deceived him and failed to work in 2017. His family stood up bravely but nobody was aware of the pending predicaments.

They had not even fully recovered from the shock of Doug’s kidney failure. But a dangerous infection attacked him. So he again got admitted in the hospital. But to the dismay of the family, it managed to leave its gloomy imprint on Doug. He lost the bottom of his leg in that fight. That left him handicapped for the rest of his life as he could not move around freely on his own.

His family saw a ray of hope when the doctors presented the option of getting a prosthetic leg before them. But the cost of the leg estimated to fall in the range of $5,000-$15,000 and even more which was out of the income bracket of the family. Summer’s mother, Echo is struggling hard to bring up her six children. To meet the increasing needs of her family, she took up two jobs together. Thus she was struggling hard to feed her family and get near to the cost of her husband’s prosthetic leg.

My sweet Summer is amazing <3 she is working very hard on her fundriaser. She made this poster and talked to Point S…

Posted by Echo Marie Bell on Sunday, August 4, 2019

Summer was an active witness to her mother’s struggle and her dad’s condition. So she felt an urge to support her toiling family in some way. She decided to help her mother in collecting enough money for the leg and started looking around for available options.

Then the idea of a fundraiser initiative hit her mind. She made up her mind to go for a car wash fundraiser initiative. So she took up her concept before Point S Tire and Auto Service. To her delight, they accepted her request and allowed her to go ahead with her initiative.

The little girl made a poster furnishing the details of the programme. Her mother too joined her in that spree. She posted a picture of Summer with her poster on her Facebook page to let people know about that. Not just that, they also unveiled a GoMeFund page to collect enough funds to achieve their target.

Echo said that she was proud of her daughter. She described Summer as a caring little human.