Girl Pretended To Be Scared Of Dad’s GF’s Dog To Get Rid Of Her

The woman was dating the man for a long time. When they moved in together, the problems with the man’s daughter started kicking in. The woman has a dog named Tank, who is friendly and sweet. However, for some reasons, her partner’s daughter pretended to be afraid of him every time she came to visit her father.

The woman suspected the behavior of the child. Her mom also has a French bulldog. She grew up around dogs. Specifically being afraid of only the woman’s dog made her suspicious of the daughter’s intention. The woman reckoned that she was trying to be troublesome to keep her away from her.

The woman shared that the first time the daughter visited them, she refused to be around Tank even for a second. They had to keep the dog locked in a room while the daughter was in the house. The dog panicked and was sniffling in the room all the while he was there. Therefore, the couple decided not to lock him again.

The couple even tried to convince the daughter to give the dog a chance. But nothing worked as the daughter didn’t want to take any chance. Things got worse when her mother got involved and called Tank an “ugly dog.” She even asked the woman to take the dog to the park whenever her daughter would be in the house. To this, the woman refused.

The woman also swore that she had seen an evil look on the daughter’s face. She was convinced that the child was faking. Therefore, she talked to her boyfriend and convinced him not to meet his daughter until she would accept being around the dog. She even called both mom and daughter selfish for being so non-compromising.

The woman shared the story on the internet to know peoples’ opinions on the matter. The readers rashed out by hearing a woman’s reaction to a child’s fear. They called her real immature to think that a 5-year old was plotting against her.

The readers were of the view that the woman was being difficult as she was ignoring the daughter’s needs. The worst part was that she was even keeping her boyfriend away from his daughter when it should be her priority to make the daughter comfortable. Instead of just acting suspicious of a 5-year old child, she should have made sure that the daughter spends enough time with her father.

Although there were criticisms, there were some people who were in favor of the woman as well. They believed that the plotting can be done at any age. Any child could be jealous of their parent’s new partner and try to be a little manipulative. Being afraid of a dog seemed to be a legitimate plan for the daughter to keep the new partner away from her father.

The commenters shared that they have firsthand experience of seeing children manipulating their parents for certain things. This might be the daughter’s way of manipulating her father. One of them also commented that they would never date someone who has a past partner and dating someone with children could never be an option as it always adds up to the drama.