Girl Used Gaming Console To Escape From Kidnapper

A girl in Japan used her wit to make her way back home. The girl had come to Tokyo from Saitama to meet her 44-year-old pen friend. The man then took her to his home in Yokohama and tied her to a basement pipe. After being there for a month, she used his PlayStation 4 console to reveal her location.

Mishappenings do not send in prod to the concerned souls before ravaging their lives. But only a few of the souls have the courage and power to bounce back and escape their brunt. To their delight, the presence of the whip-smart gadgets around them is providing them with the much-needed egress. A young girl from Japan has testified the fact.

The young girl, like her other counterparts, was cherishing the bounties of the much-celebrated social media world. She managed to make a pen friend and shared her moments. Her virtual-world pal- a 44-year-old man, walked ahead to win her trust. The social media friends then decided to extend their virtual friendship to the real world. They went ahead to fix their meeting in Tokyo. Keeping her friendship vows, the girl travelled some 15 miles to reach Tokyo from her home in Saitama.

The duo managed to catch each other in the capital. Then, the man took her to his home in Yokohama. The moment they reached his residence, he took over her phone and tied her to the basement pipe. The girl’s parents got anxious when she did not return and filed a missing report of their child with the authorities.

The authorities tried their best to get whereabouts of the girls but in vain. Then after a month, they saw some shine in the air. They received an email from the girl citing her trouble and location. The girl had used the communication functions of the PlayStation 4 console that belonged to the 44-year-old man. She managed to get the email up when he was not around. However, it is not clear whether she had used the voice command of the console or she had type the email on her own.

The email read, “I am being held captive and cannot run away”. The authorities kept up with the girl in the hope of receiving more messages. To their delight, it worked. They managed to exchange more messages with her.

Grabbing the bits of her messages, they managed to put together her location. They found the apartment where she was. They broke in and rescued the young girl. To their relief, she was in sound condition and did not have any physical injuries.

Thus, the girl managed to get out of the worst crack of her life. She landed at her home safely by using her wit and courage. The PlayStation consoles have now got another feather in their hats. The whip-smart gadgets can thus provide the escape route when all hell breaks loose.

Hats off to the girl for her smart play with her old kidnapper!