Gran Misses Her Gang So Teen Girls Take Pictures With Her

There is no age bar on going out with friends, be it either shopping or clubbing or simply relaxing. There is no restriction on having fun. This incident which happened in one of the casinos of Canada is surely an example of this. A group of young women decided to have a night out and went to a casino. There they met an elderly woman and had no idea that their simple gesture would make her so happy.

These teenage girls were in the casino’s restroom taking selfies, to probably post on Instagram and other social media sites, as the trend is nowadays. They were being keenly observed by an old lady there. She couldn’t help but notice how beautifully they were all dressed and were having fun. She went towards them and complimented their clothes and also offered to click their pictures. Mahri Smith, one of the girls from the group, was charmed by her offer. They began to chat and it was then that the old lady told them how she missed going out with her friends. She also said that they would also dress up like them and have girl’s night out.

The girls felt a feeling of warmth around the lady. Her words caught them off guard. Mahri then told the woman, “Why miss it? We are all out right now, aren’t we?” They then stayed in the restroom a little longer, taking selfies together in the light of their new friendship and chatting with each other. The elderly woman’s happiness was utterly infectious.

After they had a gala time in the restroom, they headed out to hang out with the lady and her husband. They talked about life and had a great time together. The age gap didn’t have any effect on this delightful, out of the blue meeting. Before they parted their ways, they felt close to each other.

Mirah posted the picture with the old lady on her social media account with the caption that she would never forget how the lady’s face lit up when they clicked pictures with her. Sadly, they didn’t exchange their phone numbers but she’ll never forget her. Mirah said that she was the sweetest lady she met and it was one of her favorite nights.

Small gestures like this go a long way. You never know how your actions can affect others. Giving a random compliment or just helping out others in any way possible could brighten up the other person’s day. Being kind to others costs nothing.