Granddaughter Sneaking Puppy To Meet Sick Owner At The Hospital Is The Sweetest Thing You Will Read Today!

The relationship between a pet and its owner can’t be understood by everyone. Just like every other relation in this world, the bond is truly special, endearing and delightful. Most people assume that the pets are just for playing or cuddling purposes only, but fortunately, that isn’t true. A relationship with a dog or cat can be as comforting as any other, the story below is the proof of same.

Shelby Hennick’s grandmother Dona recently fell ill and was confined to the hospital for several days.


Her grandmother, Dona, was hospitalized after she had a reaction to one of the medications she was taking. It had been three days since she was in the hospital, so Hennick knew she had to do something for her grandmother. Being a veterinary technician, Hennick can very well understand the role of pets in healing and that is when she decided to take Dona’s dog to her grandmother.

 “I just happened to be passing my grandma’s house when she called, so of course I was gonna do it,” Hennick said.


Pets are generally not allowed in the hospital, but according to the guidelines of the Society for Healthcare Epidemiology of America hospitals do allow only certified service animals on their premises. Nonetheless, Patsy couldn’t be seen openly taken to meet Dona at the hospital and we all know desperate times call for desperate measuresand that’s what Shelby Hennick did!

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