Granddaughter Sneaking Puppy To Meet Sick Owner At The Hospital Is The Sweetest Thing You Will Read Today!

So, Hennick wrapped Patsy in a blanket pretending she was a baby and managed to sneak her into the hospital.


Sneaking into the hospital wasn’t much of a problem as the staff remembered Hennick. Hennick just “walked by and waved at them” before heading into Dona’s room. Hennick said, “Patsy was quiet the whole time and actually kept licking my arm.” Patsy looked like a newborn baby was napping.

Both Dona and Patsy were emotional at the reunion. “Patsy kept crying and couldn’t get close enough,” Hennick said.


Dona had no idea that Shelby was bringing Patsy along. When she put him down Dona thought she had brought her sister’s baby. Naturally, when she put patsy down on her lap, she was surprised and overjoyed. She as well as Patsy were very emotional; those two were inseparable and couldn’t stop crying.

They both shared a very close bond and seeing them together brought joy to Hennick!


Hennick said that her grandmother got Patsy almost 13 years ago when Patsy was only a couple of weeks old and had to be bottle-fed. Hennick added that a “pretty strong bond” has developed between the two. Shelby posted the pictures of the same on her Twitter and people felt it was a very sweet thing to do.

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