Grandfather Express: A Bus Started By A Grandfather To Take His Grandkids To School

The dynamics of the modern family often leads to some alterations in the relations the grandkids have with their grandparents. But if one wants a solution, one makes one. A granddad in Oregon took the pain and bought a bus so that all of his grandkids could spend time with him. This heartfelt action has the world of Internet shook.

The modern lifestyle is drastically different from the old lifestyle. The change in lifestyle is also reflected in the way families are structured now. The families are smaller and more secluded than before and the interaction with relatives decreasing with time. Grandparents, aunts, uncles all played a major role in the child’s life in the older times. Now that modern families have evolved it has become difficult for the children to spend any time with their relatives. Generally, occasions like St. Patrick’s Day and Christmas are very much the only time the families gather and enjoy some quality time together.

But amongst all the hustle and bustle of the modern times. But if someone loves you and wants to make time for you, they shall do that irrespective of the circumstances. This is exactly what this granddad did. Doug Hayes bought an entire bus to drop of his five grandkids to school every single day. Doug’s wanted to spend time with his grandkids and he found a way. He took up the least pleasing and the most logistical of the tasks just for those precious moments to spend with his family.

On Christmas morning Doug’s gifted his ten grandkids a yellow school bus. The bus had been intricately painted on with the name ‘Grandfather Express’ on the side of the bus. The bus at the moment just carries five of the grandkids as they all go to the private school with no buses of their own. The other little munchkins are too young to go to school. But there shall be two additions next year for the daily Grandfather Express.

The Fox 8 recorded Doug telling them that one day his wife asked him what his goal was and he admitted it to be the most fulfilling thing to take his grandkids to school every day. Now when they had an idea in mind they started searching and that eventually led to them getting the idea of buying a bus. This gave granddad complete joy to spend a few minutes with each of his grandkids.

The grandkids would be expressing down the lanes in the bus right after their winter break.