Grandma Banned Girl From Visiting Since She Doesn’t Like Her Nickname

The girl’s mother has hit out at her husband’s family for banning the five year old girl from visiting for a very unjustifiable reason. The girl’s name is Colette but ever since she was born her grandmother called her ‘Letters’ due to the ending of her name. The mother has never liked the nickname but as putting up with it until the incident.

Recently the daughter had asked “Why does grandma call me letters? My name is Colette”. The mother had explained that it was a nickname. The daughter told her that she did not like it to which the mother advised her to politely ask her grandma to call her Colette instead.

Later when the girl visited her grandma with her father the incident took place. That evening she got an angry phone call from her mother-in-law. The mother told that grandma found Colette very rude. She told the mother that her advice to Colette was wrong and shouldn’t have been given.

The grandmother thought that the girl was being raised to be bratty. She also added that Colette was banned from visiting her until she apologized to the grandmother. She also was asked to say that she liked being called Letters with the apology.

This part really made the mother furious. This was also justified as banning a five year old for not liking a nickname is very irrational and does not make any sense.

The mother asked if she had overreacted on Reddit to which one replied “I’m honestly just sort of in disbelief your mother-in-law could be old enough to be a grandma and act like this.” Another one said “Good for you for teaching your daughter to stand up for herself and for doubling down by standing up for her. MIL needs to apologize to the five year old for not respecting her name request.” A third commented “Your daughter is being more mature than her.”

Looking at this situation all of us can agree that the MIL was wrong and needs to apologize to the girl for not respecting her name request. It was also very brave of the girl for standing up for herself and the mother in supporting her. This is also a sign of the MIL being very immature and insensitive towards her own granddaughter. It is her who needs to apologize not the little girl.