Grieving Mom Upset Over Friend’s Request Days After Losing The Baby

This is the terrible incident one woman recently claimed to have found herself in. The anonymous woman shared all the details on her social media account. From there it was further shared to Reddit’s Choosing Beggars forum where people are certainly petrified by what took place.

The woman started by saying that she didn’t intend to say all this publicly but was left with no other option. She explained that her friend (the name was not disclosed by her) had gifted her presents for her little boy before he was born. The gifts comprised of a soft fleece blanket, a cuddly elephant, some clothes, booties, and a singing toy.

Unfortunately, the mom-to-be told that she went into labor at 29 weeks and the baby, who she had thought of naming Benjamin, did not get through.

During the grieving period, the woman told that her friend contacted her to rather make a heartless request. The post consisted of screenshots of the chat with her ex-best friend. In that, she asked for the presents back as she no longer needed them. The woman did not reply to her texts. This didn’t stop her from being more stupid. She filled her inbox with several insensitive messages.


The woman couldn’t take such disrespect any longer so she decided to respond to her texts. She wanted her to know how ridiculous she was being. She wrote that she was not doing okay and was heartbroken and she couldn’t believe that she was asking her about this at this moment. She still had the things but was planning to bury his son with the blanket as it was warm and stunning. She asked her if she had a problem with it.

Her friend clearly could not understand the pain she was going through. She behaved stubbornly and asked for the blanket back as it was ‘nice and warm’ instead of consoling, the only thought which occupied her mind was to gift that blanket to her friend who was about to give birth.

She kept on reminding the woman to return the gifts as she did not wish to spend more money on gifts if she doesn’t have to. She asked her if she can come to her house and pick up the items herself. Disheartened by all, she refused to come to her house. She said she would drop everything off when she feels like it- except the blanket as it was with Benjamin.

Her husband was angry with all the messages she has been sending just after a week they lost their baby. The friend sent more messages saying that she has been patient and it is high time now. In one of the messages she shamelessly asked her to cover up £7 for the baby blanket.

Everyone on social media was mad at her for being a trashy woman who didn’t care about her own friend’s feelings.