Groom Changed The Honeymoon Location Because Overbearing Parents Wanted To Join

Family means togetherness and happiness. But then the family should also understand the meaning of privacy. A couple changed the destination of their honeymoon because the bride knew that she in-laws will surely gatecrash her honeymoon. But after the groom’s father, mother and brother came at the wrong place they were super pissed about the change of destination.

A groom shared how his family was overbearing at times. His family wanted to surprise her more likely to gatecrash his honeymoon but he had taken the necessary steps already. The groom’s family knew about the location of his honeymoon and were constantly telling him that they might give a surprise visit to the couple for months now. But without bringing it into their notice he changed the destination of his honeymoon at the last moment.

The husband decided to change the location of their honeymoon because his parents were constantly joking that they might give him a surprise on his honeymoon. He also shared that “Half because of this and half because we found a great deal, we decided to go to another, even cooler, place but didn’t tell my parents.” The couple was only on their first day as newlyweds and were enjoying their honeymoon when they got a shocking text from the groom’s parents.

He shared it online “Sunday night I get a bunch of texts from my mom, dad and brother wanting to know where we are. Yep, they showed up at the original honeymoon location as a fun surprise!!” He said that his family was angry that he ‘betrayed’ them by lying and even angrier that he refused to tell them where he actually was. He further added, “Somehow they figured out that her parents know where we are and have apparently been pestering them for info. When that didn’t work they did apologize, as well as saying that they ‘forgive me for ruining their first family vacation in a decade.’ They want to just put this behind us and move on.”


Though he loves his family to pieces he shared that they need to understand that he needs some privacy from them. Also as newlyweds, he needs some alone time with his partner. He shared “I love my family a lot. It hurts so bad to think of never speaking to them again. And I know it will hurt them deeply if I cut them off. But I just can’t deal with this anymore. I just can’t keep being the only adult with three adult children needing my constant attention.”

This is not the first time his parents showed up unexpectedly. The groom shared that since childhood his parents have been doing this to him from showing up at his dates to his best friend’s funeral. They were always the overbearing ones but he didn’t know that they would go to this extent of showing up at his honeymoon.

The couple had decided to do a small wedding with their closed ones so that they could go on a classy and good honeymoon and still save some. They were thankful that they got the last deal and changed the location of their honeymoon. The post got a lot of attention and a person commented “A honeymoon is for the newly wedded couple to be able to spend time away, as a couple, ALONE. Your family has major boundary issues.”