Groom Wants To Ban Fiancee’s Sister From The Wedding

Weddings do not belong to the group of events that flow down smoothly with a pinch of planning. Various issues and contentions rear their heads as the big day comes closer. Some of them wreak havoc on the budding relationships; putting an end to the golden dreams. A 29-year-old man found himself in the clutches of a similar kind of situation.

The soon going-to-be married man was putting in his might to plan for the big day with his future wife (28). Their wedding, just two months away, was going to take their 5-year long relationship to the next level. Their hearts were bubbling with joy to see their dream day taking the final shape. It was time for them to assign the important roles to their family members for the special day.

Working out the plan for her side, the soon-to-be bride decided to make the ladies in her bridal party join her in similar dress code. She chose long white dresses for them to add to the euphoria of the moment. Not just that, she also gave the honor of being the bride maid to her twin sister on the day. The bride maid was to accompany her in the decided white dress code.

Finding the plans to be perfect, she went ahead to reveal them to her fiancé. On getting to know her decision about the dress code and the bride maid, he got horrified. Pouring out his fears, he argued that people at the wedding would confuse her twin for her as her twin would also be present there in the white dress.

He went ahead to press her to change her dress code decision. To his dismay, she declined. Then, he asked her to pass the honor of being the bride maid to his sister and ban her twin from their wedding to keep confusion at the bay. But that too did not work and put their wedding on the brink of cancellation.

The man then moved to Reddit to share his problem. He posted, “I’m worried as my wife and her twin are identical people will be confused all day who the bride is!” Adding to that, he said, “I’m just not comfortable with the entire thing, the bridesmaids being in white makes me feel like its some crazy multi-wife wedding and I’m marrying them all, including her twin!”

The social-media users shared it on a Facebook group- ‘That’s It I’m Wedding Shaming’ to respond to the story. They ridiculed him for his approach and fears.

Hopefully, the issue would come to a standstill for the betterment of the two souls.