Guests Were Asked To Pay $233 To Secure A Spot At This Wedding And The SIL Is Not Okay With This Setup

Weddings can be a costly affair but if being a guest you have to pay for attending one of those then it can be quite a low blow. That is what people think of this bride who put a price to each invite.

A sister in law of the bride took Netmums to take a dig at the bride and her way of inviting people for the wedding. The wedding was supposed to be a weekend-long affair at a place which was a few hours away. This of course meant that it would take a few night stay at the property they were getting married at.

However, the guests weren’t expecting the bride to ask for a sign up fees for attending their wedding. The SIL was taken aback when she and her husband opened the invitation and saw bank details for guests to send $233 to secure their place at the wedding.

This comes off as bad etiquettes and a bold move on the bride’s part. She further said that when she got married, they themselves paid for the guests’ accommodation and didn’t ask for paying bill from guests.

The mother in law is also shocked by the move and says that they don’t mind paying as they wouldn’t miss the wedding for the world but she wonders how others would take this move.

People on Netmums are pissed at this post and are saying that it is an unreasonable money to pay for attending a wedding. They said that it was a rude way to invite people.

Some people on post agreed with the bride. Their say on the invite is that 2 night accommodation and some meals for 2 adults and a child at $233 is quite reasonable and if they have a problem in paying this amount then they may search for a cheaper accommodation in the nearby place. The user said that they might have paid for it but not everyone can afford it. So, expecting the same would be unfair.

But the plot got a mystery when the SIL cleared that the property was hired for the whole weekend and there was no separate expenditure for the rooms. Then what was the money for if the expenditure is covered?

After this, people asked her to skip the wedding and some suggested her to ask the bride what was the money for. As this was no business arrangement. Whatever she decides to do, we hope people are not completely put off by this act and some of them do turn up for the wedding.