Guy Announced His Engagement At Teen Stepsister’s Funeral

To make an announcement about your engagement requires a cheerful place and environment but an exception to this is a Reddit user. The anonymous user found a funeral the best place for announcing his engagement which most of us would never do. His actions lead to huge criticism by masses both online and offline.

The Groom-to-be, 19, recently got engaged to his girlfriend, 20, after completing five lovely months of their relationship. He resided in a different state than the rest of his family and was therefore, looking forward to make a revelation about this to his family. Unfortunately, he soon found out about his 14-year-old step-sister’s sudden demise and felt that it was not the right time for spilling out such a joyous news. Moreover, he wanted to give his family some time to grieve. On the other hand, he was feeling impatient and desirous to reveal the secret of his engagement.

A few weeks later, he headed for his home in California with his new fiancée for the funeral. He was absolutely sure that all the family members were going to be present at the funeral reception. He considered the funeral more as a “family reunion” as all of them live in different states and countries. When he reached at the funeral, he felt that “Under any other circumstances this time would have been the best one to announce our engagement”. However, every one in the family was feeling so low due to the departure of a young soul from the family.

At that point, it appeared that the news of the engagement would be only confined to himself until his next visit. But, as the funeral was moving towards the end, the family mood seemed to momentarily lightening again. Everyone was laughing and reminiscing about the young girl and her coach told everyone about her upcoming trip to Morocco. Immediately, the man took his shot and called a toast for his engagement. To his surprise, the family’s reaction was awkward and it created an uncomfortable environment at the funeral.

The Redditor was actually expecting cheers and congratulations from his family. On the contrary, the whole room went silent and only a few people said an awkward congratulations and everyone went back to silently eating their food. In fact, the things became so awkward that the boyfriend of his stepsister’s half-sister eventually asked him and his fiancée to leave. Moreover, his step-sister’s older told him that he always makes everything about himself, in a hysterically crying voice. Furthermore, he added about the multiple texts he was receiving then and now from his family members chastising him being so self-centered.

He was so upset with the allegations and felt at a loss. Moving on, when he posted the matter on Reddit, people were honestly dumbfounded by the admission. One commenter asked him that what made him think of this as a good idea. Another user, further justified the time limit for this stupid idea to be ½ seconds and everyone on the platform agreed the family’s decision to throw him out.