Guy Deletes Tinder When His Date Sent Him A Screenshot Of His Own Message

Harrison, from Leeds, went on a Tinder date with Rachel. Thinking about going on a second date, he texted him, “Hey, I had a really nice time last night. Would love to see you again sometime?” What happened next made Harrison to go to Twitter and promise that he would delete Tinder. He also posted a screenshot of the most uncomfortable chat ever.

When Harrison asked Rachel for a second date then instead of sending a cute message to him, she accidentally sent him the screenshot of their chat which is worse than rejecting straight away. Instead of explaining why she accidentally sent the screenshot to him, she sent the message, “LMAO”, which was followed up by, “Oh my god. I am so sorry.” Now that’s quite embarrassing.

After sharing the whole incident on Twitter, and promising that he would delete his Tinder account, with the screenshot of their chat, it quickly got 262,000 likes and 24,000 retweets. People even commented to tell him that he just dodged a bullet. One twitter user commented that she took the screenshot of the message to send it to her friends and to mock him but she accidentally sent it back to him and that hurt. Some people questioned that why are people so awful and consoled Harrison by saying that he deserved someone better than Rachel.

Some people were curious to know about what happened next as it was not clear as to how Harrison reacted and whether he replied to her or not. Although, they hoped that he didn’t reply. While some were reassuring Harrison, some went on to say that Rachel didn’t even save his phone number as it could be seen in the screenshot sent by her and that was brutal.

There was one more optimistic person on Twitter who said that may be Rachel was super flattered by his text and wanted to share it with her friends. Another person sarcastically replied to this by saying that she was so excited and proud to receive a text from him that she wanted to share it with her close friends and there was nothing to worry about it.

Well, Harrison had a rough experience and we might say that it could not get any worse than this but at least he was saved from the savage new tactic that is being used on another daring site called Whelming. Whelming is when you have found your match online and your partner spends all the time talking to you about their other matches in an attempt to show you that they are in-demand and are overwhelmed with options.

Whelming is not a popular dating tactic. If you don’t want to end up with someone who is attracted to raging knob heads, then you’ll surely have to employ some other strategy to keep the conversations continued.

Since Harrison has deleted his Tinder account, we wish him all the best to find his love offline.