Guy Matched With Wife On Tinder While She Is Away On Business

Awkward is probably the wrong word being used when a husband matches his wife on tinder. Especially when the wife is away on a business trip. The husband was bored and downloaded tinder, but things complicated, confusing and awkward after that.

While using a dating application and coming across your ex makes your situation awkward and uncomfortable especially when you have not parted on good terms. What if you come across your girlfriend or boyfriend on tinder? Oops, now that is complicated. But some have just the worst fate like this guy who wishes to remain anonymous but has shared his story on Reddit.

The same couple met each other on Tinder 3 years ago. They found an instant connection with each other. They dated each other for a while and have been happily married for 14 months. But the guy was using a dating application while his wife was away on a business trip. And the surprising part is he came across his wife and matched.


The guy is still clueless of the fact that why he had an urge to download tinder and use it? He shared his story and said that a month ago his wife left for a business trip for a week. He was feeling very lonely one night and decided to download tinder. It was unintentional as the lonely self had urged him to take this decision.

When he downloaded tinder he was bored of it, but then a particular picture caught his attention. It was his wife’s picture. At first, he thought that someone might be using her picture but then when checked her profile he came to know that indeed it was his wife’s account.

The guy is 32-years-old and the wife is 28-years-old. The guy decided to take a bold step and he swiped right. He swiped right and matched with his wife. He was hit by a realization that once his wife would be back from the trip they had to discuss the same since their relationship was not an open relationship.

He is confused over the fact that what will he explain to her. What possible reason could be there of him using a dating application when his wife is away on business. But then he was devastated over the fact his wife was using a dating application while she was away on a business trip.

There were a lot of questions arising in his mind such as, is a friend of hers using her account, did someone tell her he was on tinder and she was trying to catch him out to see if he tries cheating every time she is out of town? People were not at all showing sympathy to him. One of them even commented that they both were made for each other.